Pet Stores, Puppy Mills & The Problem



Why is it breeders always say “their” dogs don’t wind up in shelters?

When you take a look at Gracie and our newest rescue Molly you know that isn’t the case. Both of them are desired breeds often purchased by excited pet owners in pet stores and from breeders.

The reality is, despite their breeds, both our girls wound up in a shelter. Both had not been spayed even though they had reached their senior years. While the evidence of breeding is most obvious with Molly fact is probably both of our girls were bred more than we would like to know.

Those cute little puppies come from situations where their mothers are forced to live in downright deplorable conditions. Many dogs that wind up in shelters seem unsocial because they have lived their lives in cages or crates. Once the breeder mother wears out her usefulness she is often cast aside. Making the claims of the breeders untrue in every sense. Once cast aside, the dog winds up in the shelter.

We love our seniors! Sadly we don’t know their stories even though they have them. But each of these sweet dogs were once puppies. Puppies that maybe came from pet stores or breeders given their breed.

While we know adopting a senior dog isn’t for everyone what we would like to call attention to is how pet stores, puppy mills and breeders contribute to the problem in today’s society. Making shelters beyond capacity, rescues always full and the need great.

Should you be considering adopting a puppy please consider the realities of what is going on. This article Pet Shop Puppies: Buying A Puppy From A Pet Store is pretty spot on and gives you a lot of the truths about purchasing a puppy.

There are lots of perfectly good dogs, including purebreds, in the local shelters and up for adoption with local rescues.

Our seniors were once puppies too! A dog is a lifetime commitment. While some of our rescues come to us due to loss of their owners sadly just as many wind up in shelters because they have worn out their use as a breeder.

When considering adding a pet to the family, adopt don’t shop! Give a home to a shelter or rescue pet and don’t be a part of the problem.