Welcome To Buddy


Buddy was an owner surrender at MDAS an awful place for any dog to end up at. Time was running out and no one rescued him or adopted him.

Senior Paws Sanctuary came to Buddy’s rescue along with his friend Ariel who were owner surrenders. We don’t know all of their story and never will except these two sweet seniors belong loved and not in a shelter.

Buddy is around 9-10 years old, He still needs to be neutered and his teeth are bad too. He suffers from dry eye and flat feet! Also had a hematoma that arose at some point in his life and wasn’t treated but it healed on its own causing a cauliflower ear flap. Buddy also has a hearing loss.

He is adorable, sweet and loving and deserves a better life. This sweet guy wants to live out his days with a loving family to take care of him.