Rosie is such a sweet gentle little soul. She appreciated being rescued  and was such a easy foster dog. She never barked, never had an accident or ever slept thru meal time ! We thought maybe Rosie had had the unfortunate fate of becoming homeless at our shelter because her owner either passed away or had to move into a nursing home. Because…ROSIE IS PERFECT! This week she was adopted and found a home that had another senior rescued dog and parents who loved senior dogs as much as all of us at Senior Paws Sanctuary does. Updates from her adopters continue the story of a perfect dog, loves to be held, never potties in the house and enjoys her sibling sister Blossom. A recent vet visit told us she had indeed at one time been in a home where she was loved and cared about. An x-ray told us Rosie had had Ortho surgery on her back right knee before coming to rescue, something that is not cheap , so yes Rosie had been in a loving home at some time… this warmed our hearts to know maybe her life had never been hard and now it will continue to be what every dog deserves… a home full of love, toys and good care. You leave rescue Rosie with all our love and a piece of pour heart!