Senior Paws Sanctuary specializes in saving local senior dogs in Southwest Florida that find themselves in local shelters, abandoned or homeless thru no fault of their own. We are a 501(c)3 non profit rescue run solely by volunteers.
As such, your donations are what keep us going and help us help more dogs in need. Our supporters are the BEST and because of you and your generosity we can continue on our mission to save sweet seniors and let them live out their remaining years knowing love and good care instead of meeting a sad fate in a shelter.
WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS. They make it possible to say “yes” when those calls come in about seniors in need. The more support we have, the more we can do! Together we can make a difference for senior dogs in need.


Please also visit our Shop & Support tab and visit the various drop down areas. These are other ways you can put your shopping dollars to use helping Senior Paws Sanctuary as well! It is a win-win!
Why are there ads on our website? Why do we include shopping links? Because thru partnerships and arrangements with these retailers and organizations Senior Paws Sanctuary benefits by way of donations from your shopping dollars (their sales).
So please take a look and we would appreciate you taking that extra step when shopping these various places to click thru here on our site. That way you are Shopping For A Cause or as we would like to say Shopping For Our Paws.
Thank you to all for your ongoing support!