Our rescue welcomed Sassy to Senior Paws Sanctuary in early October 2016. She was immediately the perfect little house guest, potty trained , crate trained and likes all humans and other dogs . She met a cat once and it swatted her nose and Sassy ran away, so we are pretty sure she’s ok with cats as well . Sassy has been a cherished family member her whole life and it’s not anyone’s fault she’s in rescue. In the end it came down to a decision to do what was best for Sassy.

Sassy went to her foster home and by late October her foster mom noticed some behavior that concerned her . Vet visits , X-rays and lots more led us to an emergency Cardio trip to Bonita. Sassy has fluid around her heart and is in heart failure. Throughout her stay at the vet, Sassy still wagged her tail, had the will to live and wanted to be loved.

When Sassy was released from the hospital she was on a few medications and will need to be monitored closely. Her medication will be ongoing and thus an ongoing expense but she is worth it! She will remain in her foster home and be pampered and loved. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers for her. Our goal now is to make every day count for Sassy!

If you would like to sponsor Sassy during her stay with Senior Paws Sanctuary, Inc. we would appreciate your donation.

Yes I would like to help with Sassy’s needs.