Please Join Us In Welcoming Morgan

I, as the founder of Senior Paws Sanctuary feel the need to brag a little this morning.

Our rescue is not large by any means. We are fairly new as being recognized as a rescue. We take great pride in what we do.

Everyone..every volunteer is checked out. They must have a home visit and apply to be a foster home. The same is true for our adoptive families. We do home visits and try to assure each dog will be cared for in the adopter’s care. Even friends get a home check and have to apply to adopt the dogs in SPS care.

I have a GREAT group of volunteers. Each has their strengths that they bring to the rescue, we (myself included) are not all good at every aspect of rescue. Our volunteers all work together as a team and they truly care for each of the dogs in our care.

Today, we would like to officially welcome Morgan to Senior Paws Sanctuary!

Recently we were contacted about Morgan. His owner passed away and he may be an age breaking record for us at the age of 18. He may or may not be adoptable, only time will tell. But one of the volunteers stepped up immediately without hesitation and said “Yes, I will give him a home for as long as he needs and he is welcome to join my family!”

The thought of he might never find a home didn’t come into our thoughts. Instead we knew he must have rescue to live.

I won’t mention her name. She is new to our group and been waiting patiently for a dog to foster.

So because of her immediately saying yes, Morgan gets a chance to enjoy his retirement years and live with love, good food and a soft bed .

My heart is full today knowing she decided to join SPS and Morgan will be safe in her care. I wish every rescue group had the volunteers as SPS does. I read so many bitter comments among those who are supposed to be in it for the dogs but see so much human pride that gets in the way. Maybe one day we all will band together, rescue, take pride and hold each other up.

Until then I am proud of my team and all they do and will do in the future. THANKS LADIES !!! And Morgan thanks you too!!